About WCC

The Water Conservation Challenge began in 2009 when Kevin Freedman went the entire month of June with only using 25 litres of water per day, for everything.  This is now an annual campaign to increase water awareness and encourage conservation by challenging ourselves to severly reduce our personal usage of water for an entire month.

You can get involved too! Click on the “Take the Challenge” link above. Or pledge to conserve water yourself by emailing water_challenge@yahoo.com andplease be sure to include the name of the specific person you are sponsoring with your water conserving if there is one.

Here is Kevin’s account of his ’25 litres’ month last year below:

In June 2009 I conducted an experiment. I challenged myself to use no more than 25 litres of water per day for an entire month. Water to drink, cook, shower in, wash my clothes, flush my toilet, brush my teeth, wash my dishes, wash my hands etc. My goal was to do this and stay both healthy and hygienic, which I successfully did!

While this began as a personal challenge it became a minor media event in Winnipeg and even had some attention in the national media. The idea was different and interesting and really captured the attention of the public. Over the month I was featured twice on City TV’s Breakfast Television, twice in the Winnipeg Free Press, in Uptown Magazine, on Shaw TV and on Radio-Canada; the latter two were aired nationally. Another couple of radio stations and a few more newspapers including one from Vancouver also had stories on my experiment.

So what, you say? Well, I want to do this again, just bigger, better and international! I am looking for anyone who is interested to do this with me and help promote water conservation in your community. This year the challenge will take place in March to coincide with World Water Day which falls on March 22. And here is the best part: we are going to take pledges from our friends, families and colleagues! Not for money mind you, but for litres of water they themselves will conserve! Since we will live on only 25 litres of water per day, we will take pledges, on a regular old pledge form, of at least 25 litres of water per, however they can certainly pledge more if they want. Last year I also took pledges for UNICEF Manitoba and would be open to this again this year and with other organizations. If money can be raised that will help to ensure others have clean water than that is great! My priority however is promoting water conservation.

Now I am open to ideas on every aspect of this, especially on the name. Last year I called is the Water as a Right Conservation Challenge and I recently changed the facebook group I had created to Water as a Right, Conservation as a Responsibility. Terrible, I know. And I can see 25 litres as a maximum may make it essentially impossible for some to do and I am willing to go up to 30 litres per day if that could attract substantially more people to be involved. In this case the minimum pledge would be 30 litres as well, for continuity.

I do not have any idea how many people would be interested in taking such a leap with me but I would really encourage everyone to try! One person over the course of the month could easily encourage several dozen pledges, a dozen or so campaigners could pledge a thousand people or more! I know you are extremely wary of putting yourself through such a thing. Obviously it was difficult at times and several minor aspects of my life had to change immensely, but it was still completely doable and after the first week most of my adaptations for the month had become the norm and rarely bothered me. I really had a lot of fun doing this last year and got heaps of media attention; I hope to get more this year with the help of teammates. If a dozen or so other cities in North America get a fraction of the stories I got last June than this will be an enormous success! I implore you to consider this and pass it on to others who you think may be interested. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Kevin Freedman
Winnipeg, Canada


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