A How-To Guide

We have been asked by a few people already how the heck they are supposed to actually live on so little water so here are some tips and tricks to help you create your strategy. This is what worked for Kevin, it may not work for you so make sure you consider how you will do this before you start. See the FAQ page for some more hints. Good luck with your preparations!

  • Use a large container to store all of your water and fill it up once per day or as needed. This will make it much easier to keep track of your use and it will help you to be much more conscious of the amount of water you have used so far and how much you have left for the day. This is by far the most helpful thing you can do!
  • Drink only water. Its difficult to keep track of a can of soda here and just how much milk you pour into a glass. Of course, this is whole other challenge to itself!
  • Take a sponge bath. Showering even with the most efficient shower heads will use up your entire allotment. Washing with a sponge or a cloth can take as little as three litres.
  • Wash laundry by hand, use the Wonder Wash, or use a front loading washing machine if you can collect the water on the way out to reuse. Front loading washing machine use up to 60% less water than their front loading counterparts!
  • Reuse, reuse and reuse. Water from your sponge bath and water from your laundry can very easily be used in your toilet tank. The first time Kevin did this more than half of the water Kevin used to flush my toilet was reused, saving more than 6 litres per day!
  • Try to flush your toilet only once or twice per day. This will likely be your biggest water use and by scrubbing the bowl each day you can ensure your bathroom stays as clean as it would by flushing each time. Use a low-flow or dual flush toilet or is one is unavailble, manual flush when possible (pour 3 to 6 litres of water into the bowl gradually but rapidly to initiate a flush.
  • Have a squeeze bottle with a narrow end to offer pressure for rinsing your hands and dishes of soap.
  • Accumulate water each day to use for laundry, especially if you are going to use a washing machine. The first time around Kevin saved up water from day to day in order to do laundry on a few days out of the month.
  • Involve your friends and family and make sure they know what you are doing and why. The more they know the more supportive and understanding they will be.
  • Have lots of fun and get lots of pledges! This is your chance to really have an impact so enjoy it! Plan to do this again next year and encourage your friends and family to try it too!

Here are some instructional videos to give you some hints on how you can do some usually water intensive actvities with much less water



  1. You can also place a brick in the back of your toilet tank so it doesn’t fill with as much water…but the level remains high.

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