Posted by: alinasiegfried | March 22, 2011

Kiwi Songstress shows her support

Happy World Water Day everyone!

I’m ahead of most of the challenge participants at this end of the world, being in the worlds first time zone and all, so World Water Day is pretty much done and dusted over here. I certainly had a wet day and a free hair wash, albeit without soap, as I picked up and unloaded some new furniture today in heavy rain.

Huge congratulations to Kevin Freedman who has managed this year to get NATIONAL TV COVERAGE on CBC News this evening, the night before World Water Day in Canada. Three years in and he’s got national news, that’s a pretty admirable effort, and I’m sure the fruits of countless hours of promotion and hard work!

It’s been a bit harder to judge how many pledges we’re getting this year with most of them going through the website (, and I’m more carrying around business cards than pledge forms this year! However, I did recently get the opportunity to speak with Kiwi musician Kirsten Morrell, formerly of Goldenhorse. Kirsten ‘s been an advocate for environmental causes in the past and is currently involved with a campaign to make Auckland city a Fair Trade city. Kirsten has agreed to reduce her water consumption each day for a month in support of the challenge. Thanks Kirsten! Check out some of her awesome music here:





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