Posted by: alinasiegfried | March 10, 2011

Pledges rolling in!

Today’s the 11th, so I’m more than one third of the way through the Water Conservation Challenge. It’s going well – I’ve only gone over my daily allotment once, yesterday – and even then it was just 50 mL’s over, so not overly significant.

I’ve had a lot of great comments and support from people who hear about the challenge, and although it’s too early to tell, I think the use of business cards with the website and blog address really helps to raise the profile. I’ve had some people really give a lot of thought to how they could reduce their water consumption and was thrilled to hear that a work colleague who lives with three not-so-environmentally-conscious flatmates, plans to buy a low flow showerhead for their flat, which will equate to four people saving water in their shower without having to give it a second thought.

I’ve gathered a number of pledges over the past week, and was very happy to gain the support of two of New Zealand’s Green Party Members of Parliament, Gareth Hughes and Kevin Hague. Both went over and above the suggested 25 litres of water per day and have aimed to reduce their personal water consumption by 50 litres per day for the next month. Fantastic effort!

And of course this year, the challenge has introduced the ability for people to make water pledges online. If you haven’t done so already, please visit and pledge to reduce your water use by a little for the next month. It’s not too hard and you’d be amazed at how much water you can save!


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