Posted by: alinasiegfried | March 2, 2011

Day Three: Death to my Mohawk Plans.

I’ve eased back into this water conservation challenge quite easily… too easily….

The familiarity of carrying around a little red notebook, diligently noting down all the water I consume, or any kind of drink for that matter, getting up half an hour earlier than usual in order to heat up water for a sponge bath and hair wash……. ah, there’s nothing quite like it.

It occured to me several weeks ago, that this water conservation challenge was happening during a terribly busy month for me. I have two weddings to attend in March which I would like to look presentable at; I am performing some music and spoken word poetry at an arts exhibition in the middle of the month – also quite keen on not looking like a scruffy hoodlum for that; and coming up this weekend is Homegrown festival on the Wellington waterfront – 45 wicked kiwi bands and DJ’s playing at 6 stages throughout the day – bound to be a sweatfest! (if it doesn’t rain, in which case I’ll get a free shower anyhow). I had grand plans of trying to wax my hair up into a mohawk for the day. Then I realized it would probably take at least a whole day’s water allowance to wash that out! No mohawk for me 😦

So with all these things going on I thought, perhaps a different month would be better? But then I realized that the point of doing this is to attempt to live your life as normal, with a restricted amount of water. And as Kevin has mentioned in the previous post, my day hasn’t changed significantly – yes I’ve had to allow a bit more time to get basic things done, but really, it’s not all that tough. Once you make the small changes it’s really quite easy to survive, and comfortably (albiet without a waxed mohawk), on far less water than we are used to.

I’ve washed my hair today, flushed the toilet twice, enjoyed three cups of tea/coffee and done dishes and I’m up to 15.65 litres. No sweat. Have a go, you might be surprised 🙂


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