Posted by: Kevin Freedman | January 28, 2011

How Low Flow Can You Go?

So you’re thinking of taking the Water Conservation Challenge? Here’s some info to help encourage you to try it!

The goal is to live on 25 litres of water per day for the entire month of March. The average North American uses about 330 litres per day while the average European uses around 250 litres per day so by taking this up you would be severely limiting your water use. There are many different ways to do it. The original campaigner filled up a large Gatorade jug with 25 litres every morning and did not use a faucet at all for the rest of the day. All his water came from this jug including drinking water, water for a sponge bath (at an general flow of 10 litres per minute, showers are difficult to use efficiently) and water for flushing the toilet. Grey water reuse is a must, the sponge or cloth from a sponge bath can be wrung out and reused in the toilet as can excess water from a load of laundry. However, if you are going to do it we encourage you to use whatever method is most comfortable and convenient for you; it is difficult, I won’t kid you, but more than a dozen people have already tried it so it is by no stretch impossible!

The other aspects to this project involve promoting water stewardship and conservation in your community and in local media. Each time this has been done we have had immense success promoting the event in the media reaching media outlets across Canada in print, television, internet and radio. We also encourage participants to take pledges from their friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, local celebrities and politicians. Not for money though, we take pledges of water! How does this work? Instead of pledging a dollar figure, your supporter would sign our form and pledge to reduce their own daily water use by a certain number of litres (quarts) per day, at a minimum of a 25 litre reduction per day. From more than 300 litres in regular use, this is not difficult at all for the average person to accomplish. Last year there were close to 250 pledges signed and this year we want to bow that number out of the water! Pun intended!

We will support you throughout your journey with tips and info, contacts (if we have) and admiration! We are even trying to wrangle up some prizes for those campaigners who receive the most pledges! So, there is only a month until the Challenge starts, what are you waiting for? Contact Kevin at



  1. Must see! A cute 85 year old who saves water:

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