Posted by: Kevin Freedman | January 22, 2011

Water Conservation Challenge 2011!

We’re back! Or will be soon to promote water stewardship and seek your pledges to reduce your daily water use for the month of March. After our extremely successful second year with twelve participants from around Canada and the world (and a late addition in the fall of 2010) we are looking to make this, out third year, the biggest and best ever! We are developing a new logo and new flash-based website to promote our cause and are seeking more participants from all over the world. If you would like to get involved, contact us at and please tell friends, family or colleagues that may be interested, please put them in touch! We want more input and as much involvement as possible to make this as inclusive and as inviting of an event as possible. Send out the message below to your contacts, we are looking forward to your support!

January 22, 2011

Dear Friends,

We are just six weeks away from March which means that the Water Conservation Challenge will soon be starting again. For the third time environmentalists of all stripes and those just looking for a challenge will do their best to live on just 25 litres of water per day for an entire month. A mere 25 litres for drinking, cooking, bathing, mopping, laundry and whatever else we use water for in our daily lives. To put it in context, this is less than 8% of the water the average Canadian uses in a day but substantially more than many people in the developing world have access to.

The first two times we did this the event was a complete success, beginning with one campaigner in Winnipeg, Canada and growing to more than a dozen people representing four Canadian provinces and three countries in its second year. March 2011 will be our third year and we want it to be our biggest year yet! Our participation goal this year is to have each of the ten Canadian provinces represented, several U.S. states and more than eight countries involved.

While we not only encourage water conservation and stewardship through our actions, we also seek to have friends, family, colleagues and anyone else we may come in contact with to pledge to reduce their own water use for the month. In 2010 the pledges we collected amounted to more than 250,000 litres of water saved from our everyday use and this year we are looking to continue our exponential growth by saving more than 1 million litres! Another of our major successes in the first two years has been a substantial amount of media coverage about the Challenge in print, television, radio and on the internet that has helped us heavily promote water conservation and stewardship in our communities and abroad.

Is this something that you or someone you know may be interested in? It is difficult but nowhere near impossible and we have accumulated lots of knowledge to pass on to make the Challenge as attainable as possible. Please feel free to check out the website or contact us at the email address below for more information or to throw your hat in the ring. We look forward to having you!


Kevin Freedman (a new site is coming soon!)



  1. I run a small landscaping company in Birmingham AL.

    Over the past 6 years we have experienced several years of rather severe drought which has gotten people to think about conservation. I have started to install rain barrels (underground and in crawl spaces under porches etc) low water irrigation systems, and of course the biggest is to use local plants that are drought tolerant in many of my designs.

    Water conservation is not a fad. It is a must even in the SE where we “thought” we were immune!

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