Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 31, 2010

Hours to go

As the month winds down I am sure I can speak for all of us campaigners (and certainly Stephanie as I spoke with her today) by saying that taking a shower will be a huge relief! One of my biggest frustrations has been washing myself after swimming at the pool as I bring my own water in a bottle. I have never been a big fan of cold showers so I boil water and put it in one of my metal bottles to take to my practice wrapping it in a towel for the bike ride or drive to the pool. On a couple of occasions though, and most blatantly last Thursday, I forgot to take the bottle out f my bag to cool off and the water was so hot that I was unable to use it to wash myself and had to wait until home. I will be glad to not have to do this again for at least eleven more months.

On Tuesday the Challenge added a few more notable names to the list of pledges. Two popular city councillors, Harvey Smith and Jenny Gerbasi pledged to reduce their water use for the next 31 days as did the mayor of Winnipeg, Sam Katz! Water issues, especially that of the future of the Winnipeg public owned water utility as well the health of Lake Winnipeg have made frequent appearances in the news lately and while there is much debate, it is nice to see that everyone on all side of the political spectrum can agree that water conservation is an important aspect of being good water stewards and should be considered by all!


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