Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 16, 2010

Halfway point

So it is March 16 which means that the Water Conservation Challenge 2010 is halfway over! It is a nice milestone for us all after some grueling work measuring jars of water and washing ourselves out of a bucket. But it has been completely worth it and our message of water stewardship has been heard and supported by many. In fact the Challenge recently received support and a signed pledge form from our highest profile person yet, Hugh McFayden, the leader of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party, the Official Opposition here. Mr. McFayden is highly supportive of our water conservation efforts and does his best to limit the water he uses on a day-to-day and has now pledged to try to reduce his water footprint by a further 25 litres per day for the next 31! What a great response so far from elected leaders!

Since it is the halfway point and I have neglected to do so much so far, I think I will throw out some figures of my water use so far. Firstly, last year while 25 litres per day was my goal, I went over this limit a few times using water I had “stockpiled” from previous days. This year I wanted to go every single day under 25 litres and beat my daily average from last year (slightly less than 20 litres per day) while staying as healthy and hygienic as possible. So far I have met and exceeded this goal! According to my rough calculations of my water use (which are far less precise than Celeste’s in Ottawa) after 15 1/2 days (until 1pm today, because of daylight savings :)) out of a possible 387.5 litres I had used merely 294 litres, slightly less than my average from last year and not one day have I used more than 25! The numbers are shaping up similar to last year with the bulk of my water use occurring in the toilet but more than half of that water has been reused grey water. In second place is personal hygiene water followed by laundry water. I hope to keep this up and am further limiting my water use every day through integrating tips shared by others. Thanks again for all the support and keep the pledges coming!



  1. Well done getting Hugh McFayden!

  2. Wow! That is awesome! I’d love to congratulate Hugh and see if he could talk to some of our federal Conservatives here in Ottawa. 🙂

    also, my blog is actually at , right now the link goes to all of our blogs. (no biggie, but just fyi)

  3. did you get bored of blogging?

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