Posted by: alinasiegfried | March 14, 2010

When I travel I always bring my own buckets!

Today is Day 14 of the Water Conservation Challenge, and the last week has presented some unique challenges. Living on 25 litres of water is difficult at home, but on a being on the road in motel rooms presents a new set of challenges. Neither of the places I stayed at had a kettle with which to heat water, nor a microwave. I was travelling for work in northern Saskatchewan and services are not quite what they are in more populated areas. Luckily I have was accompanied by a masters student who was conducting acid rain research in the area, so was able to ask him to fill a bucket with hot water for me while he showered.

The bane of my existence last week was the unseasonably warm spring weather up in La Loche. Almost all the snow in town has melted and paved areas off main roads are not all that common. My jeans, gloves and shoes got pretty muddy on my first day and will definitely need washing. After one day in town I had the sense to go everywhere in Sorels (for those not from Canada, these are big chunky rubber winter boots). They were three sizes too big for me, and I did some serious leg muscle building hauling them around town, but it helped to keep things at least reasonably clean!

I’ve been a bit behind with uploading the videos and blogs, so here’s a whole bunch at once. Posting Youtube links, as its faster than uploading again:

To determine how much water your toilet tank uses per flush:

Recycling my dirty dishwater:

Laundry day!:

Please don’t forget to pledge water – you can reduce your use by 25 litres per day pretty easily – catch the water that your shower uses while it’s heating up, to flush the toilet with or water plants!

You can pledge by simply sending an email to with your name and how much you will reduce your water use by over the next 31 days! We are building up on pledges and already saving thousands of litres of water. Please join this movement!



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