Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 7, 2010

Pledges and partners

There have been two big changes to this year’s Water Conservation Challenge, the first is that other’s across Canada and the world are trying to severely limit their water use alongside me and the second is that we are trying to engage the public by getting friends, family and others to pledge to reduce their own water use in support of us. I have been pushin hard on this as I think this is what will really have an impact and get other’s thinking hard about their day-to-day water use. Everyday I have been bringing my pledge forms with me and while I do not work in an office nor see an adundance of people on the average day, as of last night I received my 100th pledge! And this is before I even begin to add in the pledges I have received by email or Facebook. This means that these pledges together will save more than 85,000 litres of water over 31 days! I am really happy with this start and think when we get some national media on board this number can skyrocket! On that note, I have contacted some national media with no response yet so if any of you out there want to help the cause by sending an email saying how much you would love to see this effort publicized in the Globe and Mail, the National Post or Maclean’s, let me know and I will forward you the email addresses of the environmental writers I have contacted. I will even give you a template message to send them. This is the next big step for the Challenge!

On another note, check out this video created by Conservation Media. This is by an award winning filmmaker and discusses the importance of wetlands.


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