Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 6, 2010

One Sloppy City

As this is the second time I am challenging myself to severely limit my water use, I cannot help but compare the similarities and differences between last time and this time. The first time was also during the month of June which has created difference I foresaw ahead of time such as the fact that this time I would be wearing heavier clothes to deal with the much cooler weather. Something I did not foresee was how transportation would impact my water use. As of March 1st Winnipeg has been experiencing a heat wave of sorts that has enabled me to pull my bicycle out of hibernation early. However, as we are experiencing a bit of a spring melt, the streets are very sloppy and I have to wear slush pants whenever I ride. This has forced me to use a little bit of water to wipe of my slush pants after each dirty ride as well as my bicycle to prevent rusting. But with forecasted highs in the positive digits for the next week at least, I would not have it any other way!

On Friday I gave a presentation to a group of young students ranging from about 16 to 20 who are part of the Manitoba Youth Eco Network, on, what else, water conservation. This is the first of several presentations I am hoping to give throughout March (if you are a teacher and are interested in having me give a presentation, email me today!) with another big one in a couple of weeks as part of  the Manitoba Water Caucus workshop “Water Conservation and Beyond…”. There was lots of interest with pretty much every attendee pledging ot reduce thier water use for the next 31 days with one pledging to reduce her use by 85 litres per day and two others by 100!

I also was able to meet up with another elected representative on Friday, Sharon Blady who is the MLA for Kirkfield Park in Winnipeg who graciously signed the pledge. It was a trip to get to see her though as getting to her office took a full hour and a half return trip bike ride.

Also, see another video on how to conserve water with regards to sanitation below



  1. Hello-

    We at Conservation Media certainly like your blog. We have recently created a water conservation video that you might be interested in. It’s more about the value of wetlands in relation to water conservation as a resource, but I thought I’d suggest it to you regardless.

    You can find it at:

    Feel free to share and embed it you find it appropriate.


    Jeremy Roberts
    Conservation Media

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