Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 5, 2010

Example video – doing dishes

Here is a video that provides an example of a way to do dishes using a very minimal amount of water. Throughout the month I have budgeted myself only about a litre to a litre and a half of water per day for dishes, which believe it or not is very doable! Check it out for yourself!

*note* using a dishwasher is generally more water efficient than washing by hands if you always load the machine full before running. A dishwasher will use about 15-25 litres of water for the same size load that a handwasher will use about 50-60 litres for. However, with the method used in the video, you can wash the same amount in under 4 litres.



  1. Great idea with the gatorade bottle!! We will use that next time we go camping when we don’t have running water! The only thing I would not be able to help but change would be to put hot water in the bottle (I think that would kill more germs). As for the less-dishes thing, any man already knows that trick (eating like a bachelor) lol. I didn’t know that dishwashers use less water than hand washing?? I guess if u run the water a lot (like I do) washing by hand does use a lot of water. Thanks for the tips.

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