Posted by: alinasiegfried | March 5, 2010

Banking up the water bucks

So Day Four is drawing to a close and I’m surprised at how easy it can be to use quite a bit less than 25 litres per day! I have a bit of a water bank that I can draw from which will be handy I am sure come laundry day!

Last night was my first experience with having to use public bathrooms and not flushing. My roomates and I went for dinner and then went to an open stage night at a local bar. I managed okay with the no flushing, and surprisingly was not challenged by any of the staff when heading towards the bathrooms with a Nalgene bottle full of handwashing water, that could just as easily have been vodka! However the bar was not overly busy, so never any people waiting to go into the stall after me – that will be a challenge for another night I am sure…. its a lot easier to let it mellow if you can disappear into the crowd before anyone knows its you!

The definate low point of the night was exiting a bathroom stall to find that the last person in the bathroom had left the tap running full blast. What is wrong with people??

So Day four, I have only used 8.6 litres today – I’ve discovered that one of the toilets at work uses only 3.7 litres if you quickly release the flush button! Awesome! There’s still a few dishes to wash, tooth brushing and perhaps a toilet flush left in tonight, so I’ll likely go a little over half my allotment. Saturday is laundry day!

Day 5, bring it on.


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