Posted by: tamaraisforlove | March 4, 2010

I want a Bubble Bath!

Things are getting easier, somewhat. Unfortunately I have to continue with my 2 minute shower every 2nd – 3rd day in order to look professional enough for work. However, I think this has really brought me back down to a place I was when I was travelling – much more ‘au naturale’. And it feels good. We definitely don’t NEED all of this water in our lives – it’s painfully obvious to me now. When doing the dishes… fill up 1/4 of the amount you usually would and you get the same thing done. It even makes you much more aware when cooking of the unnecessary use of tons of dishes. Flush the toilet with greywater from washing your face or doing the dishes – it takes a tiny ounce of effort to accomplish. The only thing that I have to say I struggle with is….BUBBLE BATHS. I have a (somewhat) stressful job and one of the best ways to combat a long day is a relaxing bubble bath and a fantastic book. Favourite moment of the day. I WANT A BUBBLE BATH.

Okay there I said it. And I can definitely go 27 more days without. Promise.


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