Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 4, 2010

Day 4: The day I realize I am not good at coming up with titles

Another early day for me having to be at an interview for 7:30am. And this interview was followed by two more in succession. I was invited to the studios of CHVN and Ignite107, two local radio stations that feature Christian music, the former targeted at an older crown and the latter at a younger audience. I also did an interview for their news division. Thanks so much to Colleen Houde for organizing this and to Dana Rogalsky of CVHN (95.1fm) for conducting their interview. At Ignite107 (107.1fm) I got to hang out with the two morning guys, Kyle Rudge and Brent Kipe, for a good half hour and had a lot of fun! They host a very entertaining morning show and I suggest that all of you check it out! They both also signed the pledge form to reduce try and reduce their water use by 25 litres per day for the next 31 days. On a side note Brent told me that for Lent this year he is forsaking drinking anything but water and taking all of the money that he would normally have spent on juice or milk or pop and donating it to Living Water International, an organization that works to provide clean water for people living in the developing world. I would suggest to anyone going through Lent this year to try this out, you may be  a couple of weeks late in starting but you still have about 4 more weeks to do it!

Here is the interview I did with CHVN this morning CHVN Interview March 4, 2010

and here is the interview I did with for their news cast last year CHVN Interview June 23, 2009

So today also had a bit of a heartbreaking moment. I was not really in the mood to take my cloth bath at 6am again so I held off until I returned home from my morning intrerviews. My rinsing process usually has me wiping off as my soap with the cloth as possible and then pouring the rest of my water over myself to ensure the soap is all gone. Today I followed that model but while pouring my last 1 – 1.5 litres or so of water over my head I dropped the pail spilling it all. So I had to go back downstairs (I bathe upstairs but my water jug is downstairs) and refill my pail for the final rinse. Not paitent enough to boil more water I very quickly did my final rinse with what felt like glacial water, cringing the whole time.

Finally, over the last few days I have been sending out requests to some high-profile Manitobans to sign the pledge form and commit to conserving water for the next 31 days. On top of the guys from CHVN, Obby Khan of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Jon Ljungberg of Cityty’s Breakfast television, I am happy to report that  Marilyn Brick, the MLA (elected representative at the provincial level) for St. Norbert signed the pledge as well! I really think it is important that our public representatives take the lead on initiatives like this and really appreciate getting a few minutes out of Ms. Brick’s very busy schedule. I want to thank them all as well as everyone else who has already pledged to try and reduce their water footprint! Every little bit makes a difference!



  1. i was just reading your blog (the whole thing!) and being reminded of how much you kick ass. because you truly do. who else would mime washing himself on video, in case a viewer didn’t know how to wipe their torso with a cloth? like i said, kickass.
    i thought about doing the challenge, but i got hung up on three things:
    1. cloth diapers. switching to disposables to save water would be supremely stupid. and i don’t think eli would be willing to (finally) potty train after a pep talk on water conservation
    2. little boy baths. probably once a week they spend a few hours in the tub, with me topping it up with hot whenever it gets cold. these are a few hours i spend doing homework, and they love their loooong baths.
    3. little boys are random. flushing the toilet, running the taps, dumping stuff on the floor (so i have to mop), etc. all use a lot of water, and i’m obviously too inattentive or something.
    in closing (my god, i’m writing a lot of papers these days. i apologise) i would like to say that i would be a much more eco-friendly, water-saving person if not for these little leeches. they are to blame for everything. and when they’re all grown up and live elsewhere i’ll be happy to do the challenge, but until then the logistics of dividing my water usage from theirs makes it unfeasible.
    wimpily yours,

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