Posted by: tamaraisforlove | March 2, 2010

Interesting Day 2 Reflections

Yesterday with two toilet flushes I used over my 25L limit…it’s tough in an office setting to “let yellow mellow”…any thoughts? Other than that I was on a roll at about only 13L for washing, brushing teeth, cooking, etc.!

I also created this Water Conservation spreadsheet for Derek & I to use, we keep it at home right beside the sink and everytime we pass by it we’re forced to think about what we’re doing and how we can help our daily totals. We’ve also made it a competition between us as that’s just how I get motivated! I’m going to kick his butt!

One last little tip that I noticed yesterday that is definitely going to stay with me beyond this challenge is to keep one 4L jug filled with water by the kitchen sink – that’s all I allow myself to use for cooking, dishes and washing my hands. Keeping it right in the sink reminds me everytime. Then, I fill up one 4L jug and keep it by the bathroom faucet and use that for washing my face, brushing my teeth etc. Between the two (and hand sanitizer), it’s easy to keep well under 10L for the majority of everything I do. By keeping a small basin in the sinks as well, you can then re-use that greywater for your toilet. We shut off our water to our toilet this morning too đŸ™‚

Keep on keepin’ on!


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