Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 2, 2010

Day 2

Today started early as the next few will as well for me! At 8 I was interviewed on CKUW 95.9fm, the University of Winnipeg campus radio station about the Water Conservation Challenge as well as some other water issues around Winnipeg. Tomorrow will be even earlier with a 6:30am (approximately) spot on CITY TV’s Breakfast Television, a morning show that has really supported the Challenge and will be hosting me for the third time!. Thursday morning I will joining the morning show hosts of two local radio stations, CHVN 95.1fm and Ignite 107.1fm. Both stations also presented a story about the Challenge last June as well!

So far things have been going pretty well for me though I did run the faucet briefly while brushing my teeth groggily this morning. Meh, it’s gotta happen some time! For late last night and today my use amounted to about 5 litres for the toilet along with the 2 or so saved from yesterday’s cloth bath (even though I have a 6 litre per flush toilet it always takes a little more), about 3 litres for drinking, 3 cups for cooking, 2 cups for the cat, 4 litres for hygiene, and another 1 for miscellaneous (washing hands and accidentally running the faucet for which I penalized myself a cup but it was certainly less than that). I haven’t done the dishes yet for today but that will likely be another litre at most and I will have another flush before going to bed adding about 5 litres more bringing my two day total to a little more than 32 litres! I haven’t done laundry yet which is a large water suck but I’m still on great track!

On another note, Celeste Cote who is the national water campaigner for the Sierra Club of Canada is doing the challenge in Ottawa. She is also blogging on the Sierra Club site and I implore you to peruse her posts as well especially her first day video as it answers some of the questions I frequently receive (why do we need to conserve? Don’t we have the most freshwater in Canada? etc.). Her and Alina in Saskatoon are water experts and are going to be a great source of information throughout the month!

Here are a couple of videos. On top is the second in the instructional series, water for drinking, and the video below it is my water meter reading from 8 am or so on March 1st. Leave your comments or questions and make sure to email me if you would like to pledge to reduce your own water use!


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