Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 1, 2010

One more day!

Well, more like 5 more minutes! The second annual Water Conservation Challenge is about to begin. If everyone else taking the challenge is like me than today was spent doing laundry, mopping and taking care of any other water related chore. That is of course when we weren’t watching the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team take GOLD in a true nailbiter! Congratulations to them, all the other olympians and to everyone else who workd to make sport available to all Canadians! This realyl was a country wide effort!
So now that the real olympics are over, the fake, water conserving olympics can begin! Pledges have already been made and the ball is off and rolling! Look for the Challenge in the media in Winnipeg and Saskatoon this week and maybe other centres as well. If you wish to make a pledge you can contact Kevin at and hopefully we will create a space here for people to pledge directly online! Come back often to follow all of our efforts!


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