Posted by: tamaraisforlove | March 1, 2010

Day One for Tamara

It’s definitely been an interesting Day One so far…started this morning with deciding to forego the shower (although I know I’m going to have to have the QUICKEST of quick showers some days, when I have big meetings!) and instead washed my face with none other than my boyfriends grey water…he washed his hair and face and then I used that water to wash my face.  It wasn’t bad, I mean we’re pretty clean here..! HE made coffee as well, so far putting me at NO water usage! That’s all under his 25L…!!  I had milk in my coffee though…that is going to be hard to track? I am getting excited to see this flow though to each aspect of my daily activities and am going to make a spreadsheet today listing the activities and items I usually go through each day and nailing down about how much water I will be using.

I did spend time yesterday doing a last load of laundry and dishes. I need to do some research on how much my toilet uses when flushing, dishwasher uses, etc.  I found some interesting Water Consumption calculators:

And on with the day!


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