Posted by: Kevin Freedman | March 1, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 is drawing to a close and I must say, it is much easier the second time around! On day 1 last June I think I ran the faucet at least three times by mistake but today I caught myself in time once or twice. But I did actually use water, unlike Tamara I don’t have someone else’s allotment to piggy back off of. Today I “showered” at home and again at the pool after a game of water polo. And by “showered” I of course mean, washed myself with a cloth. Along with shaving and brushing my teeth, personal hygiene  took up a little more than 5 litres. Add to that about 2.5 for drinking, 1.5 for cooking and another 4 or so for everything else and I am cutting in at right round half of my daily 25!

Pledges are starting to roll in, I began soliticing yesterday and it is fitting that my sister Amanda was the first to commit as without her influence I would not be nearly as environmentally aware as I am today. We are hoping to get an online pledge option soon but in the meantime, send me an email at if you want to show your support for what we are all doing by limiting your own daily water use by 25 litres or more!

Here is a g rated video on how I will keep myself clean for the month


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