Posted by: Kevin Freedman | February 26, 2010

The Team

I want to welcome others who are definitely taking the Challenge this month!

Arum (Ratna Ningrum) – Jakarta, Indonesia

Alina Siegfriend – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Celeste Cote – Ottawa, Ontario

Derek Micholson – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jessica Ogden – Japan

Karina Cardona – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stephanie Somerville – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tamara McLellan – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Vanessa Ahing – Winnipeg, Manitoba

And more to confirm. If you want to take the plunge and try to live on just 25 litres per day, get a hold of Kevin ASAP! It’s a great way to spread the message of water awareness!



  1. So what’s one of the first things I do this morning?? Turn on the tap to rinse out a tuppaware container! The tap is running on a couple of seconds before I realize and turn it off in shock!

    350 mL’s of grey water without even thinking….. That’s 1.4% of my daily allotment!! At least I was able to save it to flush the toilet later today 😉

    It’s on!

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