Posted by: Kevin Freedman | January 30, 2010

Hello world, come join the water challenge!

I am actively seeking individuals to be a part of a potentially huge international water conservation campaign! The premise is this: individuals around the world, and in particular in Canada and the United States, will severely limit their water use to only 25 litres (quarts) per day for the entire month of March while still maintaining their health and hygiene. In the process of this they will take pledges from family, friends, colleagues and members of their communities to reduce their own water use by a minimum of 25 litres (quarts) per day. In the process of this, campaigners will document their lives to the extend they feel comfortable (via blog, facebook, video etc.) and promote the message in the media.

This is to be a follow up to a campaign I engaged in last June when I successfully challenged myself to live on less than 25 litres (quarts) of water per day for the entire month. I did not take pledges for water use reduction as I propose this year but instead raised money for my local UNICEF office. This event, titled at the time the Water as a Right Conservation Challenge, received substantial media attention in my home city of Winnipeg, Canada and to a lesser extent across western Canada. This effort was covered by three television stations (one of them twice), at least five newspapers, five radio stations and numerous internet articles. In all, this month-long event promoted water conservation to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and around the world through the internet.

With three weeks until go time, there are already more than a dozen people across Canada who have committed to doing this challenge with me. If a couple more dozen people in large centres around the world join in then this message of the necessity and ease of water conservation can potentially reach millions! If a couple of dozen people campaign with me and each can get a few dozen pledges from people to reduce their own water use by 25 (quarts) litres per day for the month of March we all could be instrumental in saving literally millions of litres (quarts) of water over 30 days!

I hope you see the potential in this as well. It is a grassroots effort that has, with no money and the work of one person made a serious impact on water awareness. I am in the process of setting up a tool kit with water conservation tips and reasons why this is important. I also have a blog set up and am soon to be creating a very basic website. Below are links to these sites as well as a couple of the articles done on the project last June. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested and also to forward this on to people within your network or to any contacts you know of that may be interested. I am trying to reach as many people as possible. Show your support and help make this event the best it can be!


Kevin Freedman

Winnipeg, Canada

Links: (facebook group) (article) (article) (article)



  1. Where do you share conservation tips with people, or are you hoping to hear how people adapt on their own? Can we start a spot for that sort of exchange? For example, I’ve bathed with two buckets of water the majority of my life…it doesn’t seem tough, I can let ‘yellow’ mellow, and I can turn off water when washing dishes and brushing teeth…but I’ve never had to hand wash jeans… what do I do???

  2. Such a GREAT idea! Have also started getting all my neighbours involved.

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